DASR (Digital Air Surveillance Radar) Electronics Technician III (SCA 23183)

Description: The designee will be qualified to perform complex diagnosis repairs and modifications to aviation ground electronics systems and various other equipment. The designee performs required periodic maintenance, troubleshoot, repair, install, and test equipment as required. The technician will set up, maintain, and store airfield systems or deep-field camp systems that support aviation operations and weather observing. This position is customer oriented, and the government reserves the right to decrease hours for the particular individual if the Electronics Technician III is not being effective.

Education: High School diploma or GED. Formal electronics training from: Technical School, or Class A or B military school in electronics or communications, or four (4) year electronics apprentice program. Formal electronics training to include: Installation Tasks, Soldering, Cable Dressing, Cable Tray, Conduit, and Making/Repairing Connectors.

Experience: Eight (8) years of practical experience to include: Electronics Repair, Maintenance, Installation and Checkout. Two (2) years of experience to include: supervision and shop practices. Three (3) years of practical experience to include: electronics repair and installation. Note: Experience may be concurrent.

Specific Experience: Overall, the designee shall have a minimum of six (6) years (may be gained concurrently) technical experience in the field of ATC equipment and systems including aviation ground navigation systems, meteorology systems, or air traffic control systems.

Specifically, the designee must have at least five (5) years of experience in installation and/or technical maintenance of DASR Radar ATC Systems.


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